Revolutionise your promotional gifts business

The most efficient way to manage your promotional gifts businesses.

All in one business solution: Smooth Promotion combines an SEO
friendly CMS to manage multiple websites, and a highly efficient
CRM to streamline the sales process from enquiry to invoice.

Complete Sales Management

This CRM portion of Smooth Promotion provides the most sought after efficiencies of the entire system. Manage the entire sales process with more efficiency than any other system in the industry. Just a few clicks gets your sales staff from an incoming quote request to quotation creation to invoice and purchase order. Create nearly instant quotes, and in same interface view client history, product information, and tag quotes with sales follow up tasks and reminders or priority attributes. Specific features:

Robust Website Management

Easy to use CMS that is SEO friendly. Ability to feed products, categories, and manage sales from multiple websites. Using our API you can have 100 different users managing up to 500 websites at any one time.

Multiple user web based access

Smooth Promotion provides a true multi user platform; simultaneously manage multiple accounts from multiple computers with no lag and no expensive user licenses. Due to the fact that Smooth Promos is a totally online based solution this gives all users in the business the ability to keep an eye on what is going on even when not in the office.

Virtual Sample pages & Social
Media promotion

Instantly create custom landing pages as a method to show clients their virtual samples. Add a Facebook or Twitter button to the Virtual Sample template providing your current and potential clients the opportunity to post your virtual sample to their Facebook page with one click.

Communication management

Email conversations are pulled into the system to be referenced with each client record. No more searching for emails, now easily pull up any conversation associated with a client. This is compatible with your own email system*, so no need to move email management just to use our CRM. Conversations can be monitored and recorded, insuring all potential sales and issues get resolved quickly.

Complete confidentiality

Because Smooth Promotion resides on YOUR OWN server and is not based on a cloud system your data is 100% secure to you so you need never worry about a competitor gaining access to your valuable client data.

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