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Smooth Promotion Product Details

Smooth Promotion has been designed and built specifically for the promotional gifts industry by a team of internationally renowned online marketing and web application developers in conjunction with gift industry veterans. This unique collaboration has resulted in one of the most comprehensive and flexible software solutions on the market today for promotional gift companies within the online sector, of all shapes and sizes. The software has been developed to cater to every aspect of running a successful and highly efficient online promotional gift company and includes extensive website and product management, search engine optimisation and social media integration, and streamlined quoting, customer and vendor management, purchasing and invoicing.

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Robust Website Management

Easy to use CMS that is SEO friendly. Ability to feed products, categories, and manage sales from multiple websites. Using our API you can have 100 different users managing up to 500 websites at any one time.

Category management features:

  • Create unlimited product categories and subcategories.
  • Decide which categories will populate on each of your sites.
  • Change category product order displayed on site with easy click and drag function.
  • Customise and easily update language, meta content, and images displayed for each category page.
  • Customize grouping tags for marketing on your website. Easily create pages for best sellers, front page banner scroll, new products, eco friendly, fast track, industry specific products etc..
  • Grouping tags allow for simple integration with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Product management is extensive and includes many customizable features.

  • Data fields associated with products include inventory quantity, categories, multi level pricing structure, multiple images, short and long description, customizable specifications, vendor, MRP, minimum quantity purchase, In Stock status, customizable attribute tags, and product options.
  • Product Shopping Data feeds (Google Shopping or Google Merchant Data feed creation of all products)
  • Unlimited images and thumbnails associated with products .
  • Long description includes WYSIWYG html editor.
  • Unlimited product options completely customizable (Eg. 1 color, 2 color, 3 color, 4 color, engraved, embroidered) Each option tied to its own price in the pricing structure.
  • Filter product list by any aspect: vendor, stock status, any keyword.
  • Complex pricing module offers unlimited pricing levels, quantities, pricing for options, and includes description box.
  • Specification module offers unlimited specs, customizable and easily sorted via click/drag.
  • Can assign multiple vendors to a product.
  • Can bulk adjust prices across categories up/down by percentage for each quantity.
  • Update any product element, price, specification etc. and simply synch to all your other websites with a click of a button.
  • No bland white label sites restricted to just a few hundred products.
  • You can use our continually updated feed of products and images or simply add your own.

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Complete Sales Management

This CRM portion of Smooth Promotion provides the most sought after efficiencies of the entire system. Manage the entire sales process with more efficiency than any other system in the industry. Just a few clicks gets your sales staff from an incoming quote request to quotation creation to invoice and purchase order. Create nearly instant quotes, and in same interface view client history, product information, and tag quotes with sales follow up tasks and reminders or priority attributes. Specific features:

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Multiple user web based access:

Smooth Promotion provides a true multi user platform; simultaneously manage multiple accounts from multiple computers with no lag and no expensive user licenses. Due to the fact that Smooth Promos is a totally online based solution this gives all users in the business the ability to keep an eye on what is going on even when not in the office.

Add users at various levels, such as a sales level admin where users can only see and manage their own sales. With super sales admin you can view everything that is going on in your business and monitor your reps on the road what they are quoting and what tasks they have set and even set them new tasks or reminders from the office. Traveling Sales representatives can log on and add their orders, expediting the order process, billing process.

Communication management:

Email conversations are pulled into the system to be referenced with each client record. No more searching for emails, now easily pull up any conversation associated with a client. This is compatible with your own email system*, so no need to move email management just to use our CRM. Conversations can be monitored and recorded, insuring all potential sales and issues get resolved quickly.

(*compatible with pop/imap emails)

Client Management:

All client activity visible on single page view:

  • Client Data including billing/shipping information.
  • New and previous Quotes and Sales.
  • Assign clients to specific sales rep.
  • Rate client level of importance (bronze, silver, gold)
  • Client statistics such as date of last activity, past sales value, number of current RFPs
  • Filter clients by virtually any criteria
  • Client page is actionable: can create or edit invoices, quotations.
  • Multiple contacts per client and multiple shipping addresses.

Complete confidentiality

  • Because Smooth Promotion resides on YOUR OWN server and is not based on a cloud system your data is 100% secure to you so you need never worry about a competitor gaining access to your valuable client data.

Vendor Management

  • Stores all vendor data including contact and other pertinent information.
  • Multiple contacts per vendor.
  • Ability to create a purchase order template for ease of use.

SEO friendly features:

This entire solution was built on the most internet marketing friendly configuration possible, including:

  • Product name in search engine friendly URL
  • Custom title tags, alt image tags, description tags
  • Product reviews are hreview ready, search engine micro-format compatible
  • keyword navigation
  • keyword internal link structure
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tool integration
  • Auto Generated Sitemaps

Product review management and Hreview product level reviews:

Ability to permit all users to leave feedback on every product in search engine friendly format . This was custom built based upon the internet standard hreview with is currently being used by Trip Advisor, Cnet, and Google.

Analytics & Reporting:

For every aspect related to your online business: Quality of RFQ, close rate, most popular products, average margin, top closing sales people, time between RFQ request and when it was supplied, etc

Mailing list management:

Sending out promotional emails. Have people sign up for promotional offers month specials etc.

Website integration

Website integration of social media facebook and twitter.

Google Checkout

Sample Ordering Integration and reviews.

Accounting Integration:

Ability to export and map all data to Quickbooks or Sage Accounting Software.

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